Cherry blossoms in full bloom in Yanaka...

okosibumi yanaka cherry blossom

Yanaka is covered with
cherry blossoms in full bloom...

Cherry blossom are in full bloom in Yanaka every year.
Yanaka is covered in white and pink all over.
a place to visit at least once.

In Japan,Tokyo, cherry blossoms start to bloom around the end of March.
The best time to see cherry blossoms is from 10 days to about two weeks after they start to bloom.
The time of year varies from region to region, so please check!

cherry blossoms Yanaka okosibumi

a cherry blossom viewing party

At a cherry blossom viewing party, people get together under cherry blossom trees and enjoy eating and drinking.
It's a special time, spending time under the cherry trees with family and work colleagues.
Japanese people love cherry blossoms because they are transient and only bloom for a short period of time.
Viewing cherry blossoms reminds me that life is short but beautiful.

Now and in the past, cherry blossoms have always been special to us.

yanaka okoshibumi instagram

Yanaka's cherry blossom video on Instagram

A short video of cherry blossoms in Yanaka shot last year is now available on the official OkoshiBumi Instagram.

OkoshiBumi is a 3D postcard depicting a Japanese downtown scene on a postcard.
A number of old traditional buildings remain in Yanaka.
'I want to preserve the old townscape, which is being lost day by day'
That's why we are creating this work in Yanaka.
Some of these postcards are modelled on actual buildings in Yanaka.
Take a look when you visit Yanaka!

Yanakaginza postcard OkoshiBumi

holidays only!
Small shop in OkoshiBumi

OkoshiBumi is available in Yanaka Ginza!
Mainly on holidays. We'll keep you posted on Instagram, so be sure to check back!

Shipping to Overseas is available!

OkoshiBumi can be purchased from the online shop.
Shipping to Overseas is available! Take a look!

OkoshiBumi online shop

OkoshiBumi artwork includes postcards, pop-up cards and much more, so find your favourite one!