【Holidays only】Small general store in Yanaka Ginza 'OkoshiBumi'

【Holidays only】Small general store in Yanaka Ginza

【Holidays only】Small general store in Yanaka Ginza 'OkoshiBumi'
'OkoshiBumi' Japanese-style pop-up cards

Yanaka, downtown Tokyo.
On holidays, OkoshiBumi holds a storefront sale in the Yanaka Ginza shopping arcade!
OkoshiBumi are Japanese-style pop-up cards that are fun to make and enjoy decorating.
I produces works with an old-fashioned atmosphere, such as 'Cityscape postcard', which are postcards of the streets of downtown Tokyo.


【Holidays only】Small general store in Yanaka Ginza OkoshiBumi

An important time to see the customer's face.

OkoshiBumi does not have a specialised shop.
We sell our work in our official online shop and in some of our shops.
That's why it's so important for me to be able to talk directly to our customers. It is also an important time for me.
Recently, due to the infection situation and my work schedule, I have been holding these events irregularly, but I will keep you informed via Instagram and Twitter each time I hold an event.
Please take a look!

【Holidays only】Small general store in Yanaka Ginza 'OkoshiBumi'

Leave the downtown scenery on a postcard

Cityscape postcard is a 3D postcard with the theme of the downtown area.
I want to preserve the scenery of the downtown area, which is being lost day by day.
This is the reason why we started to create these postcards.
Yanaka is a nostalgic place with traditional buildings and streets.
Yanaka and OkoshiBumi have collaborated to produce Yanaka postcards!
The work depicts Yanaka's famous landmarks, including Yanaka Ginza and Hatsune Alley of Pubs.

While old buildings are disappearing one after another, by creating postcards, we want to leave them in shape, leave them in someone's heart, and pass them on from generation to generation.

【Holidays only】Small general store in Yanaka Ginza 'OkoshiBumi'

Cityscape postcard Yanaka edition