Handwritten hydrangea

In fact, all the postcards are incomplete.
It is completed only after the message is written.

There is a world called "picture letters". Pictures and letters are written on a piece of paper, and the combination creates a unique world. The wake-up postcard is also made so that you can enjoy its taste.
If you think about it, it seems that postcards with illustrations (with space for letters) existed as products long before the name "picture letter" was created, and a culture of enjoying the sense of unity between letters and pictures. It seems like it was already there.
In comparison, most Western Postcards have one side for the design and the other side for the destination and message. I haven't seen a lot of things like writing a message on the design side in a design.
It is very interesting because there are different interpretations of letters and pictures.

When I write a letter, I always try to write it well.
However, when it comes to receiving letters, I feel most happy that they are written by the person himself. You can understand the feelings of the person by looking at the handwriting. The written characters must be different when you are happy and when you are sad.

Don't be afraid to write with a straightforward feeling.

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