About the wake-up sentence

Letters convey a heart that cannot be conveyed by phone or email.
That excitement when opening the envelope that was sent to me is exceptional.

I wanted to make the letter more fashionable, so I started making "Okashibun".
When the recipient expands, a three-dimensional world of "Japanese" that makes use of the simple taste of paper will appear along the four seasons.
You can write sentences directly, write them on your favorite paper, and sometimes write your own favorite poems. After reading, you can also decorate and enjoy it.

● About "Wake-up postcards"

▪︎ It is a postcard that can be raised in 3D without tools because it has notches and creases processed according to the pattern.
▪︎ In addition to decorating by yourself, you can also mail it as it is without folding it and have the other party assemble it.
▪︎ In the "Cityscape Postcard" series, you can create a cityscape by arranging various buildings.

Since it is a postcard, you can mail it as it is if you put a stamp on it before you wake it up. However, the possibility of damage during mailing is not 0% due to the notch. I actually sent it by mail, but for example, a postcard I sent from Tokyo to Kyushu came back with an unknown address, but there was no damage at all. However, unfortunately, I've heard that some parts have been torn off, and I've heard that I was lucky enough to arrive in Canada safely. It seems that it is generally okay in Japan, but when it comes to overseas destinations, the journey is long, so the possibility will increase.
As a countermeasure, the shipping cost will increase a little (+20 yen to 60 yen), but it is a sure way to send it in an "envelope". However, since the other party cannot see the postcard inside, I feel that the impression when I receive it is diminished.
Therefore, what I do especially when sending overseas is to use the transparent bag for products that was included at the time of purchase as an "envelope" as shown in the illustration below.

▪︎ How to use the transparent bag that was included at the time of purchase as an envelope to eliminate the risk of damage during shipping
The best way to avoid being damaged while traveling is to use its own transparent package as an envelope.

The shipping cost will be the price of the envelope, but you will not have to worry about damage, and you can see the contents and the impression of the postcard will be the same. In addition, other cards, stickers, hobby stamps, etc. can be enclosed.
[Postage (as of September 2020)]
・ Postcard postage: ¥ 70 (airmail, universal) / ¥ 63 (in Japan)
・ Envelope postage (airmail, weight 25g or less, thickness 1cm or less): ¥ 90 (Asia) / ¥ 110 (Middle East, Europe, North America, Australia) / ¥ 130 (South America, Africa) / ¥ 84 (in Japan )

Strictly speaking, this method also pushes the postmark ink to the transparent bag, and the ink before drying may stain other mail. As a countermeasure, instead of stamps, you can ask the post office to issue a "certificate stamp" and attach it. The stamp is like a stamp that does not require a postmark, and is approximately w3 x h5 cm in size.