Do you know Postcrossing?

This is a circle where various members from all over the world can send actual postcards, and I have been participating since March 2020. If you mail it to an address that is randomly sampled by your computer each time, another member will mail you a postcard. It is a project to enjoy receiving postcards from various people all over the world as a surprise. Of course, membership fees are free, and the cost is only the stamp fee. You can mail it from Japan to all over the world for only 70 yen. All you need is a postcard, a smartphone or computer and simple English. Recently, translation apps have been developed, so it may be OK to use only your own language.

There are about 790,000 members distributed in 207 countries (as of September 2020). Approximately 58 million copies have already arrived, and approximately 340,000 copies are still being mailed somewhere on Earth. It's also nice that it takes time to arrive. I also received a postcard that I sent to the United States 82 days later. When I looked it up on the site, there was a record of 366 days. And sometimes it even goes missing.

In most cases, the recipient will send a message to the sender's account. From there, it often develops into a direct postcard exchange. You can also see the self-introduction text of the person you are sending, so it is fun to think about the postcards and sentences that the other person wants.

Currently, people all over the world are living in Corona. Among them, "handwritten letters" give me a direct sense of the warmth of people, and for me, I can feel my presence in the world.

Everyone is welcome.

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  • 私も先日「Postcrossing」を始めました!


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