October 1st is Postcard Day!

October 1st is "World Postcard Day". https://worldpostcardday.com/

On October 1, 2019, 150 years after the alleged official postcards (paper postcards) were issued in Europe, Postcrossing organized a global campaign to celebrate its 150th anniversary. Due to its success, October 1st is designated as World Postcard Day every year. It seems that various campaigns are being planned all over the world.

The biggest attraction of postcards is the excitement of finding them in your mailbox.
Furthermore, I was impressed that the card actually "traveled".
It is a very valuable item that was collected from the mailbox of the sending country, sorted at the post office of that country, boarded an airplane, sorted again at the country of arrival, and delivered by the postman in your own country.

I think it arrived well. In fact, there are many postcards that do not reach. On the contrary, also exists postcard that arrived one year later. Imagine the path of the postcard and it's really tasty.

This piece of paper arrives safely through collaborative play by people around the world involved in mail.
It is a gift of excitement.

A realistic means of communication that cannot be replaced by electrical signals.
This global system must be lost.

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